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Green Bull Products Inc.​

Green Bull Products strongest concentrated Drain Cleaner is the most cost effective solution available to maintain a grease and odor free environment. It is non-toxic, non-caustic and chemical free so it will not harm lines, wells or pumps and will prevent FOG (Fats, Oils, & Grease) from discharging into the municipal waste system.

This natural drain cleaner breaks down fats, oils & grease, and other organic waste in the drain lines and grease traps of restaurants and food processing facilities.  It also assists shopping malls, buildings, hotels, resorts, and institutions such as schools and hospitals to clean the grease and sludge from sumps, lift stations and clogged drains.

Green Bull Drain Cleaner is based on our revolutionary and proprietary BIOTRATE formula. This formulation enhances the effectiveness typically achieved by bacterial formulas. Biological formulas colonize in pipes and grease traps and literally eat the grease—leaving behind only water and carbon dioxide. The BIOTRATE formula maximizes and optimizes the cleaning power for each environment.

Depending on the drip setting, one refill lasts up to 90 days!

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How do you use Green Bull?

Green Bull is best used as an automatic inoculant system . The dispenser when set at a 7.5 minute cycle will release 1/10 of a mililters  per cycle, a refill will last 28 days. Depending on the application this can be set for up to 90 days

Is Green Bull safe for my facility and my employees?

Absolutely. Green Bull contains no caustics or acids, and is 100% environmentally safe for use in any facility. Of course, directions for use must be followed.

What is grease?

Grease is the melted or rendered fat of animals. It consists of glycerol joined to three fatty acids. This combination is known as a triglyceride. It is water resistant which means it does not dissolve and builds up in drains, clogs pipes and pollutes the environment when released into sewers.

Why is grease a concern to me?

For many reasons. Clogged drains will back up and may require you to shut down your business until they are cleaned. They can also cause odors and gaseous fire hazards. If they persist you can be sure that you will be fined by your local municipality. Cleaning your drains can be a costly and on-going expense. Trying to solve the problem with toxic chemicals is harmful to the environment and illegal in many areas.

What's my alternative?

Bioremediation is the best solution today because it controls fats, oil and grease without harming the environment. Bioremediation employs naturally occurring microbes to substantially reduce these contaminants in your drains and pipes. They are the safe and effective solution preferred by municipalities and concerned environmentalists.

How does Green Bull Grease Trap Treatment work?

Each gallon of Green Bull contains over one trillion naturally occurring microbes, more than five times greater than the industry standard. Once introduced to a food source in a grease trap environment, the dormant microbes activate and begin to consume large amounts of organic fats, oils, and grease (FOG) and other organic waste. Green Bull microbes then reduce the FOG to its base elements of carbon dioxide and water.

How much does it cost?

Every facility has different requirements depending on size, age, number of cooking areas, complexity of drain systems, etc., but with proper regular use, Green Bull can substantially reduce FOG (Fat, Oil, & Grease), odor and associated problems. Along with good maintenance and proper kitchen practices, it should reduce the need for jetting, pumping, and harsh and damaging chemical treatments. Green Bull will produce results which will more than cover the bacterial costs.

Do you have Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) available? 

Yes. Please contact:

Ulra Concentrated Bacterial Dispensers

Please contact us, we will arrange for a site analysis and scope and statement of work.

17 Oz. (500 ml) of our most powerful Ultra Concentrated Bacterial digesters for use with the DIS-500-1 Automatic Dispenser.

Bacterial Digesters

expert analysis

This easy to install battery operated LED continuous drip dispenser is intended to be installed with a direct feed through the 6 foot tube into floor drains or can be tapped directly into drain lines in high volume use areas such as busy commercial kitchens.

Ultra high count bacterial grease eating formula is automatically dispensed in programmable intervals (7.5 minutes being optimal), insuring a steady supply of powerful live bacteria to keep drains and lateral drain lines cleaner, fresher and freer of FOG (fats, oil and grease). Replace refill every 30 -90 days depending on drip frequency setting chosen.

Comes complete with installation kit and 6 feet of tubing. Refills sold separately.

Green Bull Products, Inc.

Green Bull Products offers the most effective green cleaning solutions in the world. Our concentrated microbial formulas contain multiple strains and over one trillion microbes per gallon. 

Microbes digest fats, oils, and grease and convert them into water and a trace of carbon dioxide. Green Bull products are 100% environmentally friendly and 100% safe because we use only natural ingredients. No other product on the market comes close to the efficacy of Green Bull. Our eco friendly industrial cleaning products are in use at leading hotels, universities, governmental buildings and other environmentally conscious institutions across the country.

Green Bull is cost efficent, delivering grease solutions that pay for themselves in cost reduction.